Getting 2-3 friends together and then feeding someone LSD. Once your victim is high, you and friends lock arms in a circle around the victim and shake them while screaming, "NIGHTMARE, NIGHTMARE, NIGHTMARE"
Yeah, last night be and a couple buddies hit Jacob with that NIGHTMARE NIGHTMARE
by Mr. MeowMeow April 21, 2020
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1. a bad/frightening dream
2. something happening in your waking life that is really traumatic
3. a fictional character from the Soul Calibur game series
1. Bloody hell, that was one bad nightmare, I'm glad it's over now
2. Will this nightmare never end?
3. Hmm, who shall I play as this time? I know, Nightmare
by Online Fan December 19, 2016
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1a. a dream composed that causes or suggests fear in the dreamer.
1b. an extremely distressing experience that should only have been a dream, but was actually real.
2. a (quite ugly and scary-looking, and hence aptly named) gravity-controlling creature in Metroid Fusion. its defeat yields the Gravity Suit.
3. a music track from the Castlevania series. it first stars as the background music for Alucard's caves in Castlevania 3, and is later remixed and reused in the Underground Waterway area of Castlevania: Circle of the Moon.
4. another music track from the Castlevania series. this one is distinctly different, and only shares the name with the other track. this one appears in Castlevania: Lament of Innocence.
1. "That dream...was a nightmare."
2. The plots of some SVU episodes might be nightmares if they happened in real life.
3. "Nightmare" is one of the musically strangest tracks. It differs in style significantly from its brethren in both of the games where it appears.
4. LoI's "Nightmare" is in B minor.
by Quint Sakugarne January 06, 2007
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1. A bad dream
2. A french metal band
3. A AWESOME Japanese visual kei band
"Omfg, I had the scariest nightmare!"

"LOLZ Nightmare is pretty good!

"Have you heard Nightmare's newest single?"
by Rurululu July 15, 2008
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the life you live, the world you are in, all is a nightmare, untill you wake, and find yourself in a dreamland,
nightmares are not a dream but the life you live
by lisayak December 29, 2004
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Nightmaring: Bottling up your rage/fear/sadness/regret/etc. to the point where you explode, doing something that you would never normally do.
Luna, in becoming Nightmare Moon, was one of the first recorded examples of Nightmaring
by Clear Quill August 05, 2011
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Any situation that escalates to a level that is almost beyond comprehension against one's favor. Normally, inserted after a ridiculous story/description. If, by chance, an explitive is used as an adjective prior, it can be a way to measure the severity of the incident.
"Last night when I was out downtown everything went wrong: I lost my wallet, a guy beat me up, a homeless guy peed on me, and then some chick blue balled me... Fucking Nightmare"

"I am not a White Protestant in America... Nightmare"

"Wow I am out of beer...What a Nightmare"
by S. Poo September 26, 2006
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