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phrase used when you get ripped off; used when you get injured in a gay manner
friend1: dude that guy at dunkin donuts gave us 2 instead of 6
friend2: wow we got niggerd

Steve was walking in the woods when a tree fell on him; you could say he got niggerd
by mikemuzzin June 25, 2007
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When a black guy (specifically) steals your belongings and never returns it back. It usually happens during renting/lending.
Me: Oh hey dude, I got GTA V!
Black guy: Awesome! Can I borrow it off you? just for a few days
Me: Um... Sure why not..?
Black guy: 'takes game'

1 Month Later...

Me: Wheres my game?! You said you'll take it just for a few days!
Black guy: Don't you get it? Aa Nigger'd you
by Heavensdown September 29, 2013
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When playing a video game (Gears of War 2 preferably), you get cheap shotted, shoot someone in the head twice and they cease to die. Mostly just get ripped off in an unreasonable fashion. Controllers thrown into walls, unending and justified cursing normally are results of being nigger'd.

Or just getting BS'd in normal everyday life along with shit luck
Jake-"Wtf i hate playing this game i always get Nigger'd"
Don-"What happened?"
Jake-"I lagged and got killed by a fucking pistol by some 9 year old"
Don-"That blows"

Getting mugged in the middle of the street by Senior citizens after church and oatmeal
by D'Qwell Jackson June 19, 2009
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You can use it for many things like:fucked,beat up,hit
1. example
You:I niggerd yo mom last night!
You:Today an retard wanted to beat me up but i niggerd him!

by skunx123 August 22, 2008
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