-What's up my Niger
-Bruh you can't say that
-It's a country in Africa, chill.
by D Duck Squad May 8, 2020
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X: you're a fucking niger
Y: Bruh Niger is literally a country, either call me the actual n word or just don't use it, pussy.
by I eat poop 69 February 23, 2022
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A country in Africa commonly mispronounced as a similar word. I recommend you find the correct pronunciation before you say say something incredibly racist. CHILL
I am from Niger
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"Ima go to Niger brb"
"Wait thats ra-"
"No, its a country you stupid ni-"
by Inni84 April 9, 2023
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A country that idiots mix with a racial slur
Guy: Hey! You from Niger?
Othet Guy: What the fuck did you call me!?
by Expert 506 September 27, 2020
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That one word you would say and if they told the teacher you would say it was a country is Africa.
You: “You’re a Niger
Teacher: “Why did you say this word”
You: “Its a country in Africa
by Alt3rra June 19, 2020
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