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Nick Valensi is the guitarist from New York band The Strokes. He normally plays the lead guitar parts. Nick is the youngest band member. As I'm writing this he is married to Amanda De Cadenet and she is expecting twins with Nick in November.
A lot of people say Nick Valensi is the sex. I'd like to agree with them.
Nick Valensi is the sex!!
by Christina_ July 31, 2006
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Nick Valensi is the lead and rythm guitarist for popular New York band, The Strokes, often trading with fellow bandmate Albert Hammond Jr. for the lead. Generally he tends to play the solos, incorporating a very synthesized sound into the music. His most notable use of this sound is in the song '12:51' on album 'Room on Fire'. His most often seen guitar is the Epiphone Riviera P-94, other guitars include a TV Yellow Gibson Les Paul Junior, and a Black Gibson Les Paul custom.
Nick recieved his first guitar at the age of five, an acoustic, his first electric at age eight. By the age of thirteen he was already an accomplshed guitarist.
He met fellow bandmates Fabritzio Moretti, Nickolai Fraiture, and Julian Casablancas at a two year stint in prestigious Dwight School in Manhattan. Valensi joined The Strokes while still in High School, borrowing Hammond Jr's ID to get into clubs. He dropped out of college to pursue a full time musical career.
Nick has been described as "gorgeously cynical" and "Quite aware of his own good looks"
He lives in New York with his girlfriend Amanda De Cadenet and her daughter Atlanta.
Example one -
Person A: Who's you favorite guitarist?
Person B: Nick Valensi
Person A: Why?
Person B: Because his mad skills far outstretch the confines of your feeble mind.
Person A: Oh, okay.

Example two -
Person A: Valensi appears to be able to fit the word 'like' in every other second.
Person V: Like, indeed.
by Person B March 14, 2006
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guitarist for the strokes. has better hair than you'll ever have in your life time. he is the sex. case in point, he can make the dumbest comment or the stupidest facial expression and you'll still want to have his babies. he owns you.
nick valensi, the definition of sex.
by n.s. January 04, 2004
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An extremely thin gentle man that hails from the world known band The Strokes. The Nick enjoys long walks on the beach, super-tight pants that don't quite mean the top of his socks, and playing guitar.
Nick was unphased by the earthquake and continued to play his guitar.
by Jade October 14, 2003
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A'ight, well, I'm not going to say he's sexy, because that's overplayed. He's extremely handsome. Anyway, he's got incredible talent at the guitar. Absolutely incredible. He's in a band called the Strokes who are, all put together, the number one best band in the history of music and the best band ever in the universe, to quote what somebody said already although not in quotes. In an interview for LAUNCH, he said that music is the Strokes's top priority, and it seems to be definitely his. I love Nick Valensi and need guitar lessons, as well.
Nick Valensi might give me guitar lessons if... I... do something for him... and if he ever reads this definition...
by Stroke Number Six February 12, 2005
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Guitarist in the NY-originating band The Strokes; tall; started playing the guitar at age 5 or six after receiving an acoustic guitar; likes "stripey socks."
Nick Valensi was born on January 16, 1981.
by Strokes fan February 02, 2004
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