An expression usually followed by "wanna fuck" as a very bad chat up line, which does often work. The expression "Nice shoes..." can be said alone, with the hope the other person will realise what you are asking them, if they do and say yes, you've pulled, if they realise and say no, you say "i have no idea what you mean, i like your shoes". It is also an inside joke shared between many, in which "Nice shoes..." is shouted across the room to a friend, then they reply "wanna fuck?!"
Me: "Hey syafiera, nice shoes! *winks*"
Syafiera: "Wanna fuck!?"
by .Blood.Lust. March 27, 2007
A compliment ussually having nothing to do with the quality of your shoes.

The beginning of a pick up line flawlessy executed many-a-time by Mob and Jon.

To enjoy feet.

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Nice Shoes.. wanna fuck?
by Mob June 13, 2003
To say nice shoes to a girl has nothing to do with what's on their feet, but what's inside their bra. Nice shoes in other words means "nice breasts"
(big breasted girl walks by)
Dude: Damn baby... Nice shoes.
Girl: Hehe, thanks. I got them at Footlocker.
Dude: (give smile)
by Sean Dominguez June 18, 2004
Funny Pick up Line
Preferably used as a joke
A direct speech to ask if the person wants to have sex
Good way to change a pace in a discussion
Try it out(as a joke)
Failix: "Damn this girl is hot"
Failix used the the pick up line: "nice shoes, wanna fuck?"

Hot Girl: "Sure"

by RaioKai October 16, 2011
A sophisticated and stylish way to let someone know that you fancy them.
P1: *thinks* ooer, shes cute!! *walks over to p2*
P2: Hi.
P1: nice shoes! Wanna fuck?

by louis October 25, 2001
An self-acknowledged pathetic put-down. From the failed put-down in the Simpsons, one bully says "Nice glasses four eyes", the other bully says "yeah, and nice shoes......two feet."
-You're an asshole.
-I'M an asshole??? Well........nice shoes.......two feet.
by LordWatson July 12, 2003
Nice shoes...wanna fuck? Lyrics: Carve another notch in your bedpost, whore. Lay back and tally up the score. Count the number of hearts you've ripped from chests. Then put your pretty eyes to rest. They've had a long day of looking for love in all the wrong places. Putting too much stock in pretty faces. When will you learn there is a difference between lust and love?
by HannahxCore July 16, 2006