A cocky co-worker who always makes mistakes. Yet blames those mistakes on others.
Did you see the new gasior? He broke a piece of glass and blamed it on the customer.
by fire124 January 26, 2012
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1) The academically induced synonym of shouting FML after failing a midterm.
2)To enter something (usually an examination) with full confidence only to be kicked in the face by the test's energy legs and fail miserably at it.
Person 1: "How did you do Saunders?"
Person 2: "I studied for 34 hours straight, neglected my girlfriend, my physical cleanliness and personal well being and thought I knew the material but that test Gasiorized me."
Persion 1: "Gasiorization!"
by tatts & science April 30, 2010
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Consists of a two part process. Biochemical and Psychological.

Psychological process includes high state of mentallity and euphoria post-exam when the ideology that the undergone stress mechanism was overcome with complete success and the continuation of said success is followed by induction of copius amounts of -OH functional groups. This mechanism however will face a negative feedback when the said exam is returned only to be acknowledged with epic fail by a two-fold system consisting of failing the exam with flying fists of fury and the decay of brain cells via copius amounts of -OH functional groups.

Biochemical process are predetermined and this repitious cycle will continuously occur as an imprinted and learned behavior which will cause the cells to adapt and mutate accordingly. A stop codon will be placed as a result of a frameshift mutation. This irregular and functional protein will then signal for the incorrect secondary pathways to occur in which enzymes binding to their substrates will increase affinity for said substrate causing agonistic uptake. As of now this agonistic uptake of and positive feedback for the incorrect protein formation has no antidote or cure.
Student One: "How did you do?"
Student Two: "I studied all weekend for that, I thought I did well but instead I got Gasiorized! FML!"
Student One: "Curse Gasiorization!"
by ninja-wii April 24, 2010
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