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A condition where a guy feels he is entitled to dating a girl simply because he has been her friend and let her cry on her shoulder about the jerks. When she is not attracted to him, he choses to blame it on the fact that he has been a "nice guy" and she only wants to date jerks. Really, not the mentality of a guy who is actually nice, because one should not be kind in the hopes of getting a girl and simply be kind for the sake of being kind. Any guy who tries to guilt you into dating him simply because you are friends has the mental affliction known as nice guy syndrome.
"Hey Pam, do you want to date me?"

"Sorry Bill, you're a good guy, but I'm not interested like that."

"You're such a bitch! You won't date me because I've been a good person to you."

"I think you have a case of nice guy syndrome."
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A annoying mental condition in which a heterosexual man concocts over simplified ideas why women aren’t flocking to him in droves. Typically this male will whine and complain about how women never want to date them because he is β€œtoo nice” or that he is average in appearance. He often targets a woman who is already in a relationship; misrepresenting his intentions of wanting to be her friend and having the expectation that he is owed more than friendship because he is such a good listener. He is prone to brooding over this and passive aggressive behavior.

He is too stupid to realize the reason women don’t find him attractive is because he feels sorry for himself, he concludes that women like to be treated like shit.
Nice Guy Syndrome is one reason why I don't try to make friends with heterosexual men.

Men who suffer from NGS vary from the angst filled teenager with no date on friday night to the 49 year old man who has never been married or had a meaningful relationship with a woman.
by OneBadAsp October 29, 2006
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A nice guy is an informal term for an often young adult male who portrays himself with characteristics such as being gentle, compassionate, sensitive and vulnerable.The term is used both positively and negatively. When used positively, and particularly when used as a preference or description by someone else, it is intended to imply a male who puts the needs of others before his own, avoids confrontations, does favors, gives emotional support, tries to stay out of trouble, and generally acts nicely towards others. In the context of a relationship, it may also refer to traits of honesty, loyalty, romanticism, courtesy, and respect. When used negatively, a nice guy implies a male who is unassertive, does not express his true feelings and, in the context of dating in which the term is often used, dishonestly uses acts of ostensible friendship and basic social etiquette with the unstated aim of progressing to a romantic or sexual relationship.
nice guy syndrome: in the early 90s I had a crisis. I was about two years into my second marriage. I thought I had found the woman of my dreams. Yet I was frequently frustrated and resentful toward the woman I loved.
by Repulsive September 01, 2019
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A spectrum social disorder that makes a man think he's entitled to date or have sexual relationships with women simply because he sees himself as a "good person."

Level 1: The most mild form of NGS. This from of the disease usually occurs with a man who has been rejected for the first time. Symptoms include: anxiety, depression, irrational fear, lack of necessary social skills, and total obliviousness to how women work. If this man were to try to approach a women, he will come off as a "creep" to this woman, for he will probably use the wrong choice of words. He will also have body language that will make him appear as if he is a "stalker." He is probably just a man who has yet to "come out of his shell."
Level 2: A slightly more severe form of NGS, most common men over 21. Symptoms include: passive aggression, intense frustration, resentment towards women, obliviousness of how the world works, and contemplations of revenge. This man will successfully convince his female victim to become his friend. After the nice guy confesses his feelings, she'll politely reject him. He'll call her out; claiming she only likes to date "douchebags" or "badasses." He'll soon start using derogatory words. The nice guy will return home and start masturbating to silicone-enhanced porn stars. He will google the term "nice guy." He will most likely give the web definitions a "thumbs down," as he is probably a nervous wreck who can't "take a joke."
The boy was rejected because of his nice guy syndrome.
by Jay Strat August 06, 2018
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A disease in which a socially awkward, unattractive, and hygenicly-repulsive male with a terrible personality feels victimized by women when they don't want to date him. Said male comes to believe all women are 'sluts' who want or deserve to be raped and killed, or, in its milder form, spawns the evil known as 'pick up artists'. It has no known cure.
No, he's just having a flareup of his Nice Guy syndrome.
by saraiya April 13, 2011
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An affliction that usually develops in males during their early twenties, preventing them from getting some. Virgins are particularly susceptible. Common symptoms include:

- nice, friendly personality
- lower than average self-confidence
- frequent high-fives with females
- socially awkward
- perpetually single
- has numerous friends that are girls
- often seen wearing plaids
- hugs women using the A-Frame technique
Dan suffers from nice guy syndrome.
by T-Diddy from the City May 25, 2007
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A dating disorder wherein a guy with zero self confidence has a constant need for approval and the personality of a wet mop, who blames his inability to get a girlfriend or hook up on the delusion that he is simply too nice and women only want douchebags. Contrary to feminist beliefs(again), NGS is not misogynist nor sexual entitlement. It's self-victimization.

Symptoms Include:
- insecurity
- codependency
- being too nice
- never disagreeing
- a need to please others
- blaming the friendzone
- fear of rejection
- unstable self-esteem
- thinking girls should lust for you acting overly nice...
- ...self-pity when reality

The exact cause of NGS is unknown, though professionals agree a common factor is acting like a faggot with no backbone in a competitive dating scene.

If you think bitches constantly friend-zone you and only hook up with douches when you're obviously superior because of how supar nice and affectionate you are... then you may suffer from NGS.

- Virginity
- Dying alone
- Friendzones
- Getting used
- Crying yourself to sleep

The first step is realizing that you are the problem and girls are simply not attracted to insecurity and fail. Your doctor can often prescribe a swift kick in the ass for your balls to drop, which should help develop confidence. Thick skin and a personality are also recommended.
Jake: Man why do girls like Megan keep dating douchebags instead of me? I'm so much better just look how much nicer I am. It's not fair.
David: Well have you tried busting a move or flirting or something?
Jake: No way I don't wanna come off like a douche. I mean what if she doesn't like that or something.
David: So.... you're just nice? That's it?
Jake: Not *just* nice, I'm also totally a great listener and willing to do anything they want without complaining.
David: And this is every time? Dude... That sounds like some kinda nice guy syndrome. Ouch.

Kate: Hey what about that Jake guy? He's totally into you and kinda cute.
Megan: lol I had no idea. The guy's super nice and a great listener but he never flirts or makes a move. I figured he just wasn't into me. Besides, it feels like he's sucking up to me sometimes. Such a snorefest, not really into that.
by xailu March 07, 2014
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