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Taking something with the potential to be great (e.g. Pokemon Go) and fucking it up beyond compare, or creating a completely different product than what was wanted.
"Dude, I heard Jacob accidentally put salt instead of sugar in his birthday cake, then he tried to fix it by adding ketchup! He really pulled a Niantic there..."
by Crooked Desk October 17, 2016
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(noun) The act of promising something, and then changing your mind when there's intense push-back from people with a lot of common sense, and then denying you ever said the first thing in the first place.
It was announced that the Ingress gameboard was going to be reset in January 2018. After a ravenous outcry from players with hard to reach portals, Ingress pulled a Niantic and said they were never going to reset the gameboard, players simply misunderstood what was said.
It was announced by Ingress in July 2018 that players attending Ingress events in August would get access to the Ingress Prime beta test. Players that had travelled to the only Ingress event in August in order to earn said beta test access were told that this wasn't the event that gives you access to the beta test. After an angry outcry form the player base, Ingress pulled a Niantic and gave all event attendees access to the beta test, claiming that this was the plan all along and that players attending events misunderstood what was told to them.
by Rogue Osborn October 27, 2018
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A small southeastern Connecticut beach town whose population grows three fold in the summer when all the old people return to their cottages with their attractive young granddaughters. You can pick up nice trinkets related to Niantic at the various Niantic-centric shops...(Niantic people are proud of where they come from).
Guy 1: I'm bangin' this chick from Delaware that's up here for the summer with her folks...
Guy 2: Where did you meet her?
Guy 1: Some shop on main street with a lot of Nianticy junk...
by Chowderhead316 December 21, 2005
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A small village brached off of a big town called East Lyme, located in sceneic Southeastern Connecticut. Has beautiful beaches as it is located along the coast line of Connecticut on the Long Island Sound. A lot of old people live here, and do generaly come back to vacation during the summer. We also get A LOT of tourists durning the summer, as we have very nice beaches. Some of our beaches are McCooks Point, Black Point, Rocky Neck State Park, Great Neck, and Hole-n-the-wall Beach. We have a 2 mile long boardwalk as well. These views are very nice, but there is one thing that always turn me and other people off, there is a big Nuclear Power Plant along the cape called Millstone Dominion, but that is not our town, it is in the next town over called Waterford.
CT Connecticut Niantic Vacations Coast Lines Long Island Sound Southeastern Connecticut
by NadieMas9975 July 04, 2011
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(verb) To state a deadline with a reasonable amount of time left to complete the task in the allotted time, but instead complete the task using 600% of the allotted time.
It was announced in August 2017 that Ingress Prime would be released by the end of 2017, now it's getting released in November 2018. They Niantic-ed it.
by Rogue Osborn October 27, 2018
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