an Italian living in Vietnam, he is a high-skilled flexer, usually gives noninformative in formation
"you look like truong anh ngoc bruh"
by alexandeurtwentyfive July 11, 2023
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A wonderful girl/woman with beautiful eyes, skin and cute lips. Her name remind you of a very expensive yet beautiful and unique kind of flower “ylang ylang” or simply orchid. She might be under 5’2, tiny but she can have distinctive imagination and intelligence with good sense of humor when they’re around her besties. She knows what is good and bad, have a clear perspective about people. However, she sometimes overthink, wonder about their abilities and future. However, she is actually a stronger person than she thought with the biggest heart and the badass body.
Ngoc Lan is a girl with cute cheek and her smile is brighter than my future
by Yilan Babie November 22, 2021
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LamThanh's wife
lEx: Ngoc Tram is the LamThanh's wife
by vklt June 17, 2023
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An adjective to describe a soft and kind person who has a bright and energetic smile making you feel warm in your heart.

In some cases, this word also means “sexy and beautiful at the same time” when it is used to talk about somebody's appearance.
Example: She is a do ngoc person.

Today you look very do ngoc in this dress.
by Pinksocksboy November 22, 2021
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The boy who handsome, talented and good personality
A super Great person.
Ngoc Tu is ... GREAT!
by Tu Do November 25, 2021
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1. A popular vietnam boy name given by uncreative parents.

2. A person with a medium small cock.

3. A person who loves to rape small kids in the kindergarten.

4. another word for hello in english

5. another word for yes in Japan.

Did u see this hai ngoc la?

Yes, he is a really unnormal gay!
by PetaSpatenborrow6988 January 3, 2017
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An extremely intelligent, classy, perceptive, & one of a kind man. You will never find another individual as amazing as him. Although often guarded & cynical, once his love, loyalty, & grace are fully given, you will continuously be astonished & thankful at how lucky you are to be with him. He makes all your ex boyfriends look bad because he is just that amazing.
Thai Ngoc is a good man
by Mr.Henry November 25, 2021
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