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An amazingly funny but under-rated youtuber. He aspires to become a famous gamer and would like nothing more than to gain subscribers. He runs several series and also has two other channels, NextDefault vlogs and NextDefault podcasts. His upload schedule is:
Multiplayer Mondays - Mondays
Old games Wednesday - Wednesday
Podclass or NextDefaults random pod-y thingy - Fridays (podcast channel)
Let's play - Saturday
Vlogclass or NextDefaults random vloggy thingy - sunday (vlogging channel)

He is best known for his quick comedy and random sentances like " Go after him! He's got barbecue sauce!"
It is unknown what he calls his subscribers as of yet. He mainly does console game plays but occasionally will do pc gameplays... His favorite series out of all of the series he does is Old Games Wednesday as he loves the nostalgia of it. It is said that his favorite youtuber is nerdcubed but the only evidence of this is an old comment. It is unsure if this is still true.

He is also in a band, and he uses part of one of the songs as his outro. It is known he is the lead guitarist, however the name of the band is currently unknown...
by Theunknownguy July 01, 2013
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