A freakin sweet, grammy-award nominated contemporary christian band with the ability to rock out and inspire fans at the same time, such as in their Born Again album.
-Dude were you at the Newsboys concert last night?

-Yeah man! I touched Michael Tait's shoe! No lie!
by newsboysfans August 16, 2010
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What used to be a cool christian rock band, but now sucks. Their suckieness started with the release of their album "Thrive", and just kept going downhill from there.
ShitFaced MercyMe Fan: OMG! NEWSBOYS RAWK! I LUVD ADORATION!1!!?!/1 I DER #1 FAN!1!/11

Old School Newsboys Fan : Shut the fuck up. *turns on Hell Is For Wimps*
by Ibanez April 11, 2005
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A newsboy hat looks exactly like what somebody would wear to a golf course. It's about as impressive to an opponent as bench pressing 500 pounds and looking at somebody, since it doesn't prove anything about a person.
If he/she wore his/her newsboy hat to the golf course, he/she would most likely fit right in as long as he/she didn't also start saying "Come on, I'll take on anyone that thinks this is just a golf cap, I'm headstrong and I always go hard, even now I won't back down from no one here if they try to get in my head!"
by The Original Agahnim November 4, 2021
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Code for a younger person that a gay male finds attractive.
He saw a newsboy at the corner, and thought about taking him home.
by Bobba12 June 2, 2020
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