Short for the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University - the finest communications school in the United States.
Applying to Newhouse? Bring your 3.9 GPA.
by Desi Goodness June 17, 2006
When one of your roommates leaves the leasing contract early, essentially screwing over everyone else. The leave is unexpected and unannounced.
Man, I don't have any money to go out this weekend after Conrad newhoused me.

screwed over dick move
by Sir Fresh A lotz November 11, 2012
Some guy that is actually good at every game but sucks massive chode while his leg is being hugged by a Tyler brewer and ripping a fat cock rip in the mic then leaving for the rest of the night to stick batteries in his nose to charge his brain cum cells and is also a beta male.
Hey look at that Nathan Newhouse over there I’m so gay and want his noodle.
by Clink1919 March 10, 2022
A dude who does have a “new house” but smokes pot to get high enough to ride on a spirit airlines flight legend says that the money he’s used to buy weed he could have actually bought a “new house” but instead enjoys getting his legs hugged by a Tyler Brewer while drinking a choccy milk to make the pain go away
Man he smokes a lot of pot he must be a Nathan Newhouse
by Fleebeebeshteeb March 10, 2022