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New Hope Club is a British pop rock trio formed in 2015, consisting of Reece Bibby, Blake Richardson and George Smith. Their debut EP, Welcome to the Club, was released on Steady Records/Hollywood Records on 2 May 2017. They had 2 songs in a recent film (2018) ,Early Man . Good Day and Tiger Feet .George Smith and Blake Richardson formed New Hope Club in October 2015.1 As a member of the boy band Stereo Kicks,2 Reece Bibby appeared on the eleventh season of The X Factor in the UK in 2014, finishing fifth.3 Stereo Kicks broke up in July 2015 after failing to land a record deal4; in November 2015, Bibby joined New Hope Club.56 Bibby, Smith, and Richardson are all originally from Northern England.78 New Hope Club's first recording was a cover of "Wake Up" by The Vamps in October 2015.9 In December 2015, The Vamps signed the band to their label Steady Records, a subsidiary of Virgin EMI Records.2 They were the second band signed to the label, after The Tide.2New Hope Club's debut 4-song EP Welcome to the Club was released on Hollywood Records via Steady Records on 2 May 2017.810 The video for "Perfume" was released in January 2017, and the video for "Fixed" was released with their EP.10 The band spent 10 weeks on the Billboard Next Big Sound chart, peaking at number 5 on 16 September 2017.11 At the 2017 Teen Choice Awards, they were nominated for Choice Next Big Thing.12
New Hope Club are the next up and coming boy band from the UK. They already have an EP named 'Welcome To The Club' and 2 songs in the movie 'Early Man' and they are already ruling the music world.
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by ILoveTheVampsBigDicks February 26, 2018
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A british boyband that features the three purest and most british boys you will ever meet. Reece- a mix of fit and funny

George- more british than tea
Blake- slightly grammatically challenged

One member, Blake find it particularly difficult to pronounce words such as guacamole. New hope club are super average people some say they are often sighted in shoe shops. From personal experience I can add that that is very true after a run in with George, casually at a Nike store in London.
Have you heard of new hope club, they can’t even pronounce guacamole
by Hxrrixt January 31, 2019
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New Hope Club is a band that, on the 11th December 2018, made everyone have a heart attack when someone knocks on their door
This band also is unable to say some words, such as guacamole, but says other words a bit too much, like β€œsOoN”
β€œYou hear how New Hope Club said they were β€˜releasing a new song soon,’ 4 months ago?”
by Nhcbytheocean__ December 10, 2018
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The reason many girls are still breathing
girl: I'm struggling to live
Friend: but how are you still breathing?
girl: new hope club gave me their lungs
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by save the vsco girls November 10, 2019
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