Makers of baseball caps. Very good they are too. Very popular with those dressed in the urban style.
This cap is made by New Era
by RAmor January 4, 2005
a school run by Iglesia Ni Cristo, whose students are known for being prim and proper
That gal is from New Era. Well, she's just out of our league.
by wanderlust1283 March 30, 2009
Referring to the South Park episode "Little Old Fashioned," where a hand job was referred to as an "Old-Fashioned." A New Era is a blow job.
When the girl pulled down James' pants and proceeded to perform fallatio, he exclaimed: "I haven't had a new era in a while!"
by ExtremeScootin526 November 29, 2010
the same old strand from norwich, just now they are called 'new era' and so can spray 'NES' all over town like little cunts

'we actually got the balls to punch someone in the face the other day. let's make a gang called the new era strand'
by stephenjolly December 11, 2007
New Era Soul Rap

Meaning is when one has endless

styles with a creative ability to make different categories of music.
Smooth rapping combined with a smooth singing flow sometimes.
Versatile type of rapping that comes with strong creative thoughts.
Adapted to different music styles.
Person: This New Era Soul Rap Is a really creative way to adapt to many different styles in the music industry.

BY: GiovanniDYMillYentei
by MillYentei DYSlick January 28, 2021