/non eurovisn’t related

Put before or after a statement that is not related to Eurovisn’t.
/nevr good morning mom - @sbsaus
/nevr i’m depressed - @evsntcz
/nevr Öniôns - @DoveBugo
by /nevr idk March 23, 2022
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Relating Words: Never

Nevr is the mispronounciation of the word “Never”
Most commonly noticed on misspelled virtual chat, dm’s and iMessage.
Person A, (Texting): I nevr want to see you again!!

Person B, (Texting): what

Person C, (Texting): They meant, “Never”

Person B, (Texting): 😭
by Cady&Henry&Ellie&Sadie&Mika March 23, 2022
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