Neva is one of the best people you know. periodt.

you can't deny it luv <3
Neva is amazing. Like. Really amazing. Bruh, so amazing.
by periodtboo September 10, 2020
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neva is a beautiful person inside and out, and will always tell you like it is, she is very independant and loving. shes tough and shy on the outside .. but when it comed down to it.. shes the nicest person you know. shes also great in bed and gives awesome head. Sheloves her friends and anyone she gets close too, but she is usually scared she will lose people she gets close too. Neva is usualy bisexual and proud of it! She is also very forgetful ,but along with her flaws she is one of the most perfect girl you have ever met.
She is the
I have a Neva, get you one
by FlOwerchIld2046 March 14, 2018
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A very rare name.

People called Neva are very cute kind smart and fun to be around.
Person: What's your name?
Neva: My name is Neva :)))
Person: Omg your name is so cute I'm jealous.
by sakura.b13 November 3, 2019
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You'll find that Nevas are usually short, timid and vegetablearians. They love to eat vegetables and if anything gets between them and their veges they will become very aggressive and start attacking you. They are VERY territorial about food but when it comes to unhealthy stuff they don't care at all. When they become angry they tend to swear. They are believed to be decedents of angry dwarfs from northen china. They are very smexy.
Don't go near the Neva because it'll eat you
by ggg555 October 29, 2019
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Neva is a determined, hardworking and intelligent person. Neva is perfect the way they are, even if they don’t see it all the time. Neva is talented, but the effort they put into their work and hobby’s is what makes their accomplishments so valuable and incredible. They are kind, sweet and someone you can laugh with the entire day. They know how to appreciate the small things in life and get happy over presents, from themselves or others. Believing that neva needs to rest once in a while is very accurate. They need a break from time to time and they deserve it. They are also very shy, talking to new people can be a bit scary, but once you get to know them you’ll see what they’re really like
“I talked to neva once, they were a bit shy.”

“Really? She’s not quiet when I’m with them.”

Neva is really hard working, I hope they’re proud of themself.”
by November 23, 2021
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Person named neva is literal queen.
She is always right and her zodiac is usually đeminđi. She is a psychophat and she loves to bully people especially with "palica" and she is crazy
Ova budala Neva
by An awesome person Laura👑 October 23, 2020
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a beutifull long blond haired girl, whose somewhat of a pushover but with good intent, always helping others. Neva always wants to make people happy but can be a bit shy at times, and sometimes worries whether she did well in conversations with her peers, or people she just met. a Neva has always been an artistic and musical girl, even staying hours after class to finish her art works, or even working hours on the weekend. A neva also is sometimes called childish by her friends, but still always loves to hangout with friends after school, or with her neighbour, but she didnt always have friends, so she makes sure to spend the most time possible with them, despite her strict parents. a Neva would typically wear trendy green shoes and baggy jeans which she usually doesnt like, and tends to warn people that she wont look good before she meets up with them. a Neva tends to not be that good at keeping secrets, and likes to hang out with more guys than girls, and loves dogs, cats and goats.
Example 1

boy 1: hi how are you today?
girl 1: oh no! i got paint all over my coat
boy 1: bro your pulling a Neva!

Example 2

boy 1: can i see your music playlist?
boy 2: oh no! no sorry, i dont want you to see it
boy 1: oh your such a Neva
by Anderson Miller January 13, 2023
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