A particle that, like me is constantly penetrating your mom.
These Neutrinos are penetrating me!
- your mom
by Megameter penis October 10, 2019
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Co-Founder of Disaster Labs, a.k.a. Atomic Knight Productions (AKWare). Quirky, often dark sense of humour prevails his creative accomplishments. Creator of many now-classic flash films, including Duck and Cover, The Naughty Christmas-Themed Show, and Shadow Government Puppet Show, as well as the highly acclaimed sprite-based comic strip, Chicanery!. Currently working on a project which has gone through a number of script and design changes; expected around 2005.
Neutrino's "Chicanery!" always cracks me up.
by EvilJim January 31, 2005
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(Particle Physics) noun. neutrino. Originated by Pauli, using the term 'neutron.' After discovery of 'heavy neutron' by Chadwick (1932), Enrico Fermi dubbed the term by using 'Neutrino' to distinguish from Chadwick's 'heavy neutron.'
There are three types of neutrinos, which are electron, tau, and muon.
by Yang, Kyung-Chol May 6, 2003
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A 'neutrino' Is generally a white self loathing lazy intellectual that resides in the northern California area. He tends to be stuck in a civil rights state of mind and is convinced that all white politicians are out to oppress the blacks. He's never actually experienced the real world and the closest thing he gets to reality is his old 5th grade history books. When a 'neutrino' debates he will pull the 'race card' at every turn,l and lacks the social skills and will to actually discover the new America.
Hey look, It's a neutrino selling bean pies at a stop light.
by Vic/DA March 28, 2010
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