A term used my by people who fall within the Autism Spectrum. Often mistaken by idiots with an IQ below 50 (i.e. the person above, Enemy of Hypocrisy) as a term to belittle those who don't have Autism.
It's difficult for Aspies and Neurotypicals to understand each other; especially when some green carnation wearing assholes, like Enemy of Hypocrisy, are constantly splitting the gap between the two groups
by Enemy of Idiocy April 27, 2011
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A blanket term used by people who fall (whether by physician diagnosis or the all to common self diagnosis) within the autism spectrum to describe the non-autistic. An incredibly hypocritical term considering their pleas to be "treated equally" yet they insist on creating a term to designate all who are different. Irony is apparently lost to the autistic.
The Neurotypicals need to acknowledge the obvious superiority of the Autistic!
by Enemy of Hypocrisy October 21, 2010
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A term used to refer to individuals who possess "normal" or typical intelligence, generally within an IQ range of 80-110. Sometimes used by self-actualized individuals to refer those who are not yet self-actualized. Can be used as a pejorative, in place of "stupid" or "lacking high functioning neurological processes".
"I don't understand why neurotypicals blindly follow government propaganda!"

"That guy is so neurotypical, he can't even do basic algebra."

"Physics and other pure and applied sciences are generally very difficult subjects for neurotypicals to understand."
by poodlenoodler January 17, 2013
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A bullshit buzzword used by self-diagonosed autistics to imply that anyone who doesn't suffer from their condition has had an easy life and thus has no right to complain about anything. Often shortened to "NT".
Your posts shows a complete lack of empathy, you're obviously a Neurotypical trolling us.
by JESSE RADIN July 24, 2016
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Normal, therefore having a normal mind, mental condition, etc, typically without any mental illnesses, an autistic's attempt to be like everyone else.
Neurotypical people are not the pseudonormal people with brightly coloured weird hats, nor should they be, a normal neurotypical person doesn't get defensive when someone badmouths them or their actions, they toughen up because they're not hypersensitive. Neurotypical people don't do the stupid things the non-normal autistics do.
by badmouth February 20, 2018
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