The only thing to do when you are on online school and we all know what seen you skip to in 365 days don’t lie its not good ^_^
Guy 1:He have you done that HW due tomorrow

Guy 2:I have been on on NETFLIX all day stop texting me
by Netflix_is_good_for_me September 25, 2020
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A library of movies you don't want to see right now.
"I wonder if Netflix has that movie I want to see."
"Do a search."
"Looks like no. But there's a bunch of other stuff I've never heard of."
by tommyleftone February 07, 2020
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A website which has the same shit for 10 years. Then, they remove everything and get shit from 10 years before that. And then a new movie releases but they don't publish it for 3 god-damn months and its so late that when you watch it on netflix, it isn't even cool anymore and your friends and peers just laugh at you for being a fricking loser. Then, once its released, they take it off to put some next old movie.
Oh my god, I mean the movie should be on Netflix. Spongebob narrator voice, "1000 years later (I'm dead)."
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by Gizmoballs November 12, 2018
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Something to watch on your tv when you are depressed or pissed off at your parents and want to annoy them with "The Office" theme song. People love fucking while Netflix is playing in the background. And no one knows why.
Guy at school: bro, you wanna netflix and chill?
Random girl: hell no, get away from me creep!
by Professorsnapesasshole October 16, 2019
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Its a life.
Who doesn't love it .
The best tv/film service out there.
bob: what you up to rob.
rob: just watching some Netflix bob.
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by dolan time June 03, 2019
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the best thing ever invented. it’s meant to express your feeling to others. for example, if you are in love with someone and they ask you to watch netflix with them, i’d go with some friends. maybe the one with all the kissing? it would be a great opportunity. everybody loves nextflix.
Sentence Example: I’m addicted to this show on netflix.
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by marrrrrrrrrrr February 22, 2018
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