A stupid ass program that tries to police the internet.
Nice try, Nanny.
Wow that Net Nanny sure is a Internet Police officer.
by Chris J. September 25, 2006
1. A software 2. A website or app that is used to monitor children.
DAD!!!!!! Why did you install Net Nanny!! I'm a big kid, not a bad kid Dad: You searched up swear words in the last week Child: But I learned my lesson. But you didn't DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why did you disable Minecraft?, that's my favorite game!!! Dad: It's too violent, the age rating is 7 to 9 plus, you are 4 years old. Kid: DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!! So we're cancelling the Minecraft Class? Dad: Yes.
by Chubbyface February 21, 2021
A piece of software used by parents to keep their kids from going places they don't want them to go. Can be easily bypassed through use of a proxy.
by me April 8, 2004