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Adj: Behaving with obsession over one's own celebrity and/or artistic superiority while ignoring the reality of being unfamous and/or untalented.

"Qualis Artifex Pereo" which translates as "What an artist dies in me!" had been the dying words of Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, (15 Dec. 37 – 9 Jun. 68), born Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus, and commonly known as 'Nero', who was Roman Emperor from 54 to 68. Nero was interested in being popular and even sang in public to increase his popularity. He failed at being Caesar in the end like many before him. Rather than face execution by being beaten death as ordered by the senate he took his own life with a dagger. In preparing the dagger, he repeatedly stated "Qualis Artifex Pereo"

Much of the historical record on Nero may be apocryphal (the story of fiddling while Rome burned) but generalized characteristics attributed to Nero the character can be noted as Nerosis, which behavior can be found in many celebrities with narcisistic personality disorder NPD and those aren't remotely famous or talented but delusionally aspire to be. 2,000 years later, nerotic behavior is still exemplified on American Idol, X Factor, and a certain hard rock band singer that suspiciously took sole control of the band name, spent 15 years making an album no one wants to hear, and sulkily deriding a band member as a "whore for the limelight" for appearing on Space Ghost just because he never got invited to the show.
I was reading the Billboard interview and the answers seemed completely Nerotic.
by specialfx July 16, 2011
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