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If male, generous, big smile, very fair and honest, inteligent, very knowledgeable, but talks a lot. Dry sence of humor. Good in sports. Likes coffee. It is good to be around Nermin as he makes you feel relaxed. Person with inner attraction, easy to fall for. Often with a hidden dark side.
John: Where are you going to?

Susan: I'm going to Nermin's place again.

John: Can I come too?
by Bigbang-2000 February 03, 2010
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The most perfect human being. She has amazing hair with an amazing body. Hey body is to die for. She is a good friend and is alwayd there when she is needed. Beauty. Perfection.
"Where are you going?"
"To Nermin's"
"Omg she is perfect can I come?"
by susu14799 June 09, 2014
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usually a dogs name. used for dogs
and in rare cases used for humans
woah ur names nermin isnt it?
i thought nermin was a dogs name
by lalalalllalalallalakkkk December 20, 2006
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