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Nereida... She is great person. Hides her feelings and is strong. She is really smart, tall, and gets any guy. She loves playing hard to get but only wants one. She is a mystery, there is more to her story that she never tells. But she's a great best friend and not easy to forget.
I love your height Nereida.
You are to beauty many envy you for no reason.
by La_Gem November 26, 2017
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Nereida is a term used to describe hot Hispanic girls who look good in pimp hats. Often referred to as Nerd for short. Nerds often pronounce theirs o's with more feeling making the sound longer. Be warned, though they are small in stature they are quite dangerous. They can lift 10 times their own weight.
Tyler just got his butt kicked by Nereida
by Syco June 13, 2008
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Nereida is a name for a hot Hispanic or latina she is extremely Beautiful and it hard to get all boys want her she is a freak in bed and knows much she smart and can be the best thing ever she’s loyal and amazing don’t lose her
Bro is that Nereida holy fuck hot shit right There
by Haha hoe February 24, 2018
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