Types of pronouns that are commonly used by neurodivergent people but can be used by anybody, including cisgender people. Some common examples are Xhey/Xhem/Xemself or Bee/Bees/Beeself. Most people are unsupportive of neopronouns claiming they're 'not real', when in reality they've been around for 200+ years, first used in the 1800's. But the reason people say they aren't valid is because alot of people on tiktiok the past 2-3 years have been making fun at it saying they use nor/mal/super/straight ''pronouns''. People who dont use the correct neopronouns for someone who is nerodivergent (e.x. someone with OCD,ADHD, tics, or autisim s,uch as myself) can be deemed abelist. If the person is not nerodivergent, the person can be deemed Transphobic, if the pronouns are something such as Xhey or Dew. Neopronouns are also commonly called Xenogenders. Examples of Xenogenders are Beegender, Puppygender, and Catgender.
4 people are at Person A's house, as the subject comes to preference to pronouns.

Person A: Hey, guys, I was wondering what you guy's preffered pronouns are?

Person B: I use neopronouns, i prefer Bee/Dew/Ze/Love!

Person C: I use bianary pronouns, She/They/He. I'm genderfluid!

Person D: i also use Neopronouns, i prefer Ze/Honey/Light/Mellow!

Person A: Person B and D, It'll be hard to grip your pronouns, but i'll try my hardest, because i understand as two people with ADHD and Autisim, it's hard for you to understand gender.

Person B+C: Thanks! That means alot!
by Candy Cozy Collectives January 18, 2022
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a less common type of pronouns that aren't she/her, he/him, or they/them. These are among it/its, xe/xem, one/oneself, doll/dollself.
ALL neopronouns are valid.
Those who MOCK the neopronoun community, ARE transphobic. Even if you are trans and mock neopronouns, it is STILL transphobia. Neopronouns are commonly used amongst neurodivergent people because we experience gender differently than neurotypicals. Neurotypicals can also use neopronouns, but it's more common in neurodivergency. It's ok to not know HOW to use neopronouns, but to mock them, refuse to learn how to, that is transphobia.
"I use neopronouns, xe/xem and bun/bunself"
"Really? How do you even use those?"
"Well if you're using xe/xem,, you replace he or she with xe. 'he/she went to the store' 'XE went to the store' and you replace his or her with xes 'his/her book is cool' 'XES book is cool', and him or her is replaced with xem. 'I like him/her.'
'I like XEM.' and for bun, replace he or she with bun 'BUN went to the store', his or her with buns 'BUNS book is cool', him or her with bun 'I like BUN'"
"Woah- that was a lot. Can we talk about it another time and just hang out now? Learning that might take time but I'm willing to-- wanna get ice cream?"
by Im a literal god January 4, 2022
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Singular, third-person pronouns that exist outside of she/her, they/them and he/him. They are typically meant to be gender neutral in nature.
Pronouns being used for this example: Xe/Xem/Xer/Xers/Xerself

Today, I saw my friend who uses Neopronouns.
Xe took me out to lunch at my favorite bar and grill.
Xer favorite type of food is surf and turf, so I plan to take xem to local resturaunt next week!
by Coffee_Sprite January 24, 2022
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Neopronouns are pronouns for people who feel they don't fit the standard gender binaries.

They are valid and NOT a trend.

Many neurodivergent people feel uncomfortable with standard pronouns, so they use others, such as xe/xem, fae/faer, and vae/vem. It may be hard to get used to, but even if you feel neopronouns are stupid, others would really appreciate you using them. It's just human decency.
Person 1: "Hey, have you heard about Alex? I heard fae is using neopronouns."

Person 2: "Yeah, it's pretty cool! I'm glad fae told us. It's great that fae trusts us enough to come out to us."

Person 3: "Neopronouns are a stupid tiktok trend, Alex is a boy!"

Person 1: "Alex's identity is not yours to decide, it's fae's. It's not a trend to feel comfortable in your own body."

Person 2: "Yeah, get lost. Pronouns don't hurt you. Just use the right ones."

Alex: "Thanks guys, that means a lot, genuinely. I'm so glad you respect me. It means so much to me that you use my correct pronouns."
by NekoKat May 26, 2022
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Neopronouns are pronouns outside of he/him and she/her Neopronouns consist of they/them it/its gore/gores/goreself Xe/Xim and others for in a sentence lets use Xe/Xim (my pronouns)
Xe said that the fair was super fun should we go there sometime? i dont know Xe also said that Xe fell and hurt Xeself ok lets ask Xim! he i mean Xe sorry Xe uses neopronouns right?
by weird_core_it_freak May 4, 2022
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a perfectly valid thing

used to replace she/they/he

can be anything from xey/xem to gho/ghost
boo uses neopronouns
oo poggers what pronouns does egg use
xey/xem :)
ok nice
by thenonbinaryegg April 20, 2022
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Any and all types of pronouns that do not fit the "classic" he/she/they. There are several types of neopronouns, they can be "xe/xir", "ze/zem" and also "star/stars". All of these are valid and should be respected.
"xe is my friend. xir and i went shopping yesterday"
"i think star is going by starself today"
"this is my sibling, bubble uses neopronouns!"
by decoys December 5, 2022
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