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A Slovenian name, comes from Batholomew. 8th most common name in Slovenia (NOT SLOVAKIA). Normally a very cool, cocky and funny guy. Things Nejc does:
-bitchslap from drama mode to real life mode
-dickslap you if you talk too much.
Things Nejc doesn't do:
-get cancer/AIDS

He nejced him with his khrum. Nejc made her cry. Nejc is abroad - DRAMA ALERT.
by luuuka February 26, 2007
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A person with a gigantic oversized penis.
He was a Nejc.
by Idonotlie December 30, 2018
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Nejc is a common slovenian name. Usually Nejc is very kind, understandable person with hot body and blue eyes.

Thigs that Nejc will never do:
-get cancer
-be a fuckboy
Nejc is lovalbe and really cute man and every girl wants to be with him.

He is often single guy and usually you meet him on the street for the first time. He is allways popular and friends love him.

Maybe nejc can have a small dick.
"Oh my god look at him. He must be Nejc" .
by Dinosaur 69 June 17, 2018
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Is an easly triggerd GNOME. He has a pair of small around 3 cm long penises.
He also cant get over a girl that friendzoned him 3 or more times and is jellaous if anyone speaks to her. He also gets attraccted to any girl that he meets and than cries over her.
Oh fuk i had such a bad time.
That time was a nejc time
by Gajboj October 14, 2019
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