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Nehir is a beautiful girl, she is very trustworthy and kind she loves her friends and will protect them no matter what.
Nehir is so beautiful

Ikr she is!
by Nicegirllllll January 21, 2018
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Nehir is an absolutely amazing girl. She is always there for her friends and tries her best to help anyone in need. She is smart and very generous, she puts other people before her. She struggles a lot but keeps it to herself because she want everyone to think she’s strong when in reality she’s not as strong as everyone thinks she is. She is strong and unbreakable up to a certain point, she suddenly breaks and everyone is shook because they always thought that she was strong. Nehir is absolutely GORGEOUS but never admits that she is.
Nehir is a fighter
by Nicegirllllll August 07, 2019
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