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City of 30,000 in North-Eastern Wisconsin that invented the Kleenex, supplies sewer covers worldwide, and was formerly the sex-change capital of the world.

Neenah is one of the wealthiest cities in its area and consequentially is one of the most awesome cities in its area. Everyone hates Neenah High School (2200 students) because they don't go there and aren't as good at sports as Neenah is. This particularly applies to people from Menasha.

Neenah can be used to mean 'fubar' or 'opened up a can of whoop-ass'.
Last night I went downtown and ended up in a state of Neenah.

I'm about to go Neenah on him.
by uwbadgers5 March 09, 2011
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Neenah’s are very tall people with great personalities. They can make you smile at any moment if they want to and are great to be around. You can never go wrong with being friends with a neenah. They are super funny, odd, and creative. They’re never afraid to be themselves and they are able to make you show your true colors
Friend 1: I am depressed right now
Friend 2: you know what to do
Friend 1: NEENAHHHHHHHHHHH!! Come here
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by Pawtunia December 16, 2017
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A girl who is very creative and musically inclined. She sees the world like no one else and spreads kindness wherever she goes. She loves dogs and is very in touch with nature. She's also super fucking hot.
Damn, I think I just fell in love with a neenah.
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by zingonin July 31, 2017
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