1. Sketched out, creeped out,
2. Hit-on
I got skeezed on by some old lady.
Dude's skeezin' on your girl!
I'm feelin' kinda skeezed because of Mr. Harrington
by J-Rizzle fo' Shizzle May 23, 2007
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to overcome objections and make it happen.
I skeezed those people and now the price is $20 cheaper.
by Evolve Tours November 21, 2007
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"MCA's in the back cause he's skeezin' with a whore..."

- Beastie Boys ( No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn)
by lucky January 22, 2004
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A sleazy, often perverted individual. This term originated from the popular film series Mean Girls and its usage began officially when Regina George asked Jason why he was being such a "skeez" after he tried making fun of Cady Heron.
Friend 1: Ughh I was hit on by a weirdo yesterday at the bar!

Friend 2: What a skeez!!
by Der_ DeutscheProfessor April 20, 2022
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Skeez adjectivea derogatory term for a female that hoes around,leaves you on read,acts like a bitch and all a round bad female person
That girl is such a skeez
Look at those skeezes
by ☆King Xavier☆ April 18, 2020
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a word formed by mixing skank and sleeze
she is such a skeeze
by nate March 28, 2005
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