Being Nice to a person by being Mean.
person1: Hey! don't be mean with him!
person2:i am not being mean i am being "Nean"
by vampirezeke February 23, 2018
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A person who looks younger than they are.
"Yo have you seen that guy Vineel?"
"Yeah he has so much facial hair and is so manly, he definitely isn't a NEAN"
by Not a nean November 11, 2019
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From the Flashligh brigade, i dirty old woman who has obsessions with kings of conveniance and lots of senior moments
Nean is really old
Neaner what are you doing today
Erlend oye
by Jenny January 18, 2005
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The act of being a person who is nice by being mean.telling them bluntly not to do something to avoid disappointment
I wasn’t being rude I was being mean.
I am neither nice or mean I am nean.
by DJPJ291 November 01, 2020
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Mean mugging by individuals who resemble neanderthalls.
While sitting in our car, outside a very rural school, passing students were nean mugging us.
by oompaloompadoopitydoo September 26, 2008
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