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Famous youtuber with a blue skin tone that trolls at Roblox restaurant games and exposes bad Frappé high ranks.
Naturality likes Kenzie.
by Naturality March 08, 2020
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"Man fuck Donald trump, he wants to build a wall and don't pay taxes!!"
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the act of fucking trees, bushes, grass, or any other nature related thing
bro, i got arrested for naturality lastnight.
by lickitydickity July 13, 2011
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A youtuber that trolls Roblox cafes and has a little over 10k subscribers. She’s a really kind person in general and uploads hilarious content!
Person 1: Yo, have you seen that new video Naturality posted?
Person 2: Dude, it was fuckin hilarious bro! I was dying throughout the video!
by naomie? March 30, 2020
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Naturality, a youtuber with over 10,000 subs who trolls in Frappe (Crappe), Fizze, Panda Express and more. She also has a server called "Naturality's Fun House" which is pretty cool.
Naturality is a queen.
by husseiscute March 27, 2020
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