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A nathlete is a person who has the ability to carry two 30 packs of Natural Light to a party in a matter of 5 minutes
Bob: I just carried two 30's in 4 minutes to this huge banger!
Bill: Dude, no way! You're a great nathlete
by nigga son September 06, 2009
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One who is exceptionally good at drinking large quantities of Natural (light, ice..etc) Beer.
Andrew: Dude i just downed a 30 pack by myself
Timmy: Dude your a Nathlete
by 07 Blue Civic SI March 11, 2009
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This word is a shortened combination of the two words natural and athlete. Some people are athletic because of their work ethic. Others are athletic in large because of their natural ability.
Obviously he works hard, but LeBron James is a nathlete. I wish I had the natural ability that he does.
by Joseph Ihrke March 26, 2008
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