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The name Natanya is a girl's name of Hebrew origin. It means "gift of God" and is featured in The Bible. It is a name mostly given to Jewish girls.

Girls with the name Natanya are usually very beautiful, and sexy. They also have exotic features and are very intelligent and funny. Natanya's are kind-hearted, patient, real, and well-mannered. One would be lucky to be friends with a Natanya.

Natanya, also spelled Netanya, is a city in Israel.

Natanya has 6 variant forms: Nathania, Netanya, Natanyah, Nethania, Netania, Natania
Man: Wow, that girl is so nice, pretty, and funny! I wonder who she is..
Woman: Yeah, her name is Natanya!
Man: No wonder! I should have guessed!
by jayjay11 April 10, 2010
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noun: a cousin of the potato. Natanyas have a soft, yellow exterior and when sliced, are white on the inside. Much like yams or sweet potatoes, Natanyas have a sweet taste. They can be prepared like traditional potatoes, and make an excellent snack on their own.
"I'll have the bacon burger with a side of Natanya fries, instead of the regulars, thank you."
by Twigs and Berries August 12, 2012
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