She is a backstabbing friend and at an early age she has a bf that she allows to do things to her like touching her in specific places and its like her weakness to be involved in that type if stuff and she trys to stop but she can't or doesn't want to.she is conceited and is obsessed with one singer but if u are her friend or exfriend u won't think this of course she's not ugly she's actually cute but her personality is crap and she does mean stuff to you that she doesn't like when u do it back which is very unfair she might be cute but her hair is crap cause of all the chemicals in it and its not short and pretty its short and ugly she has her expectation of how she wants to be like she wishes she was short but she's not and she thinks ppl have to talk to her but they don't and she criticizes the way ppl talk and the slang they use by saying oh no one says that anymore and makes u feel like shit.overall shes cute and has a sweet high pitched voice and has curves which is the only reason some boys like her. Overall she uses ppl and abuses their personality in order to make herself feel better and good oh which means she has low self esteem.
Guy A:You see that girl Nataliah from yesterday at the park
GuyB: yh damn shes fine.
GuyA:but I don't like her personality ,im gonna just date her,have sex with her then leave her cause she got DAT body
GuyB:lol go for it dude

She would probably fall for something ike this. *face smack*
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