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A large male of african american descent who is angry, mean, and violent. Without a doubt he will beat and rob you.
Jamal that nasty nigga beat the shit out of Mike and took his chain.

Young buck of G Unit is also a good example of a Nasty Nigga
by tommygudio February 14, 2009
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Living the poor, ghetto-rig life. Everything you own is used and bought at goodwill and the dollar menu. You live your life in the dirtiest of the dirt.
Wow, you really are living the nasty nigga life, son. Your apartment has a 12 inch tv from goodwill, plastic lawnchairs for furniture, you donate plasma/semene every week to supplement your income, and you live off Ramen Noodles and Pizza Bites. You are officially the epitome of a nasty nigga.
by ud101 December 04, 2008
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