The 9 tailed fox living inside naruto after he was sealed into him by minato the father of naruto
Naruto: Let’s do this Kurama!
Kurama: You people about to die
by Y U reading this November 9, 2020
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a kitsune who was a thief, but was killed by a bounty hunter. He was born ,as a last resort, as the human Shuichi Minamino. He can manipulate plants.
" Kurama one the fight with Touya."
by Neko December 23, 2003
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A character in Yuu Yuu Hakusho, who is a former flora-controlling-fox-demon-theif now human. Often depicted by his "fans" in yaoi pairings with his friend, Hiei.

zomg kurama is so hawt with hiei~~~!!!^_^(says the fan girl)

Look, it's that awesome Rose Whippin' smart guy. (says the true fan)
by DecoyOcto September 6, 2008
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To make beautiful

(originally derived from the language of the Caribs, also known as Kalinago, - a group of Amerindians who settled in the Caribbean over 400 years ago but were the victims of genocide at the hands of Europeans)
I want to kurama my sister by giving her a make-over.
by baha baje July 11, 2009
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The full name of the yu yu hakusho chatacter, Kurama. Youko is a fox demon who, in order to escape permanent death by a hunter, sent his soul to the Living World (Ningenkai) from Demon World (Makai), where he was born ("reincarnated") as a human boy, Shuiichi Minamino.
Then going by Kurama to those who know his demon secret, he meets up with Hiei first (with whom he is close friends), then the other characters.
He is both Youko AND Shuiichi, which causes him its own set of problems.
"My truest name is Youko. I was a fox... a Spirit-fox."
by Draith March 31, 2005
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Dennis Kurama is a ferocious god who swings his sword with incredible speed, ferociously slicing through his enemies. Dennis Kurama is also known as a Dog god, whereas his abilities comes as generating extremely dangerous poop that will suffocate any living entity!
Dennis Kurama already has a plan. Don’t tell me really can concoct the nine colored soul poop in his hands!
by HappoDyretPseudo May 12, 2017
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