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a kitsune who was a thief, but was killed by a bounty hunter. He was born ,as a last resort, as the human Shuichi Minamino. He can manipulate plants.
" Kurama one the fight with Touya."
by Neko December 23, 2003
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A character in Yuu Yuu Hakusho, who is a former flora-controlling-fox-demon-theif now human. Often depicted by his "fans" in yaoi pairings with his friend, Hiei.

zomg kurama is so hawt with hiei~~~!!!^_^(says the fan girl)

Look, it's that awesome Rose Whippin' smart guy. (says the true fan)
by DecoyOcto September 06, 2008
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To make beautiful

(originally derived from the language of the Caribs, also known as Kalinago, - a group of Amerindians who settled in the Caribbean over 400 years ago but were the victims of genocide at the hands of Europeans)
I want to kurama my sister by giving her a make-over.
by baha baje July 10, 2009
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