To kill off a villain in your fiction, either right after turning them into a good guy or before revealing that they actually were working for the side of good all along (usually meaning they were a spy, watching the real villains from the inside of their evil organization.)
This word originates from the name Masashi Kishimoto, the author of the popular manga series Naruto
I can't believe J.K. Rowling decided to Kishimoto Snape!
by Namahagetecno June 20, 2008
Super awesome genius behind the wonderful anime/manga Naruto, a golden seiries only a true asian can turn out.
I must bow dowm to Masashi Sama.
by Freud January 3, 2005
The author of the popular manga series "Naruto". Beloved and worshipped by many Narutards for his manga / anime Naruto, however he's heavily criticized by Narutards for killing off many of their favorite characters in Part 2 and was forced to "revive" them with his infamous "plot no jutsu" after receiving many death threats from Narutards.
During Part 1 Naruto
Narutard#1: Masashi Kishimoto sama is a god! Naruto is the best manga ever!!
Narutard#2: I Agree!

*Part 2 Naruto*
Narutard#1: Omg did you see how Sasuke survived against Deidara's explosion? When will Kishi stop sucking Sasuke's dick?

Narutard#2: If Kishimoto dares to kill of Hinata and Kakashi I'll stop watching Naruto, buy a plane ticket to Japan and slit his throat!

Normal Naruto readers: .....

Kishimoti is also a victim of Narutards, not only normal Naruto readers.
by mangareader July 13, 2009
Evil mad scientist mangaka that created the manga/anime Naruto.
Masashi Kishimoto created naruto duh!
by MistaBuck October 20, 2009
When a series, either video, comic, or game related goes down a path of story, plot, world mechanics or any supposed fact of the series that has been assumed. Only for the creator to go the complete opposite assumption as the supposed fact.
A Kishimoto moment example: Altair and Ezio are ancestors of Desmond from Assassin's Creed 1, 2, Brotherhood and many other games. It is assumed that they all share one genetic line, however in a recent Q&A the writer for Assassin's Creed says that although Altair and Ezio are indeed Desmond's ancestor, they themselves do not share any blood between them.
by Soren & Akane July 22, 2011
A japanese mangaka (manga artist) who is known for his work on Naruto series.

He has an interesting style of drawing and his art is actually amazing. However, the same can't be said about his creation.

While interesting at first, Masashi gradually spoils up the plot. Soon, we have lots of dull characters, overrated bishie villains, and the infamous sasuke uchiha, a gary-stu angsty bishie who gets all attention.

Kishimoto kicks ass as an illustrator, but Naruto is actually overrated.
Masashi Kishimoto draws so well... Sadly, Naruto is way too overrated.
by Hexamethylene September 30, 2009