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An adjective used to describe the uberwealthy offspring of the worlds richest families. Typically educated in a Swiss boarding school but still prefers to ski in Verbier over Gstaad.

Will have memberships at Annabel's, 5 Hertford Street, Soho House, etc.

Probably attenda Regents or LSE.

True NARPs would never be caught dead at Nobu post 2017.
"I saw this narpy guy at 5H, wearing open walks and smoking mango juul pods, he's the one."

"Some narpy hyena dropped his black card in front of me at 1 OAK, honestly a pathetic attempt at a pick up... he was wearing a Nautilus though."
by GstaadGuy April 23, 2019
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pertaining to loose skin.
wet/greasy skin.
skin pockets and red lips.
doughy looking.

He is a narpy fellow.
by Edward R. Meow January 18, 2009
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Someone who cares way too much about the rules or concerns themselves with you breaking the rules. These people are usually power freaks with no real authority over anybody but continues domineering their peers to satisfy their need to feel in control.
Ethan: Maddy why are you looking at your phone during the quiz! We have an honor code!

Maddy: Can you shut the fuck up and mind your own business? You’re narpy as fuck!
by Italiangirl99 June 16, 2019
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A word used to describe gnarly and nappy. Usually used to described a girl with STD's and creep-like tendancies
That narpy girl with all the STD's came into my room.
by fucky-face November 07, 2008
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