1. noun-- Australian term -- one who complains and spoils other people's enjoyment
2. verb-- British term -- to annoy someone or spoil their enjoyment
1. That nark really put a damper on this message board. We can't discuss anything without him starting an argument.

2. Stop narking around this board or I'll report you!
by Armitage112 June 28, 2005
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A NARK is a Non Athletic Retrded Kid. They are physically and mentally disabled. NARK's cannot control themselves and act like retards a majority of the time. If you are a NARK it is incurable.
Christian is such a NARK how is he able to play sports.
Christian can't control himself so much he must be a NARK
by Tom VI March 22, 2017
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the word is NARC as in one of those people who look really young that the cops put in schools as a fake student who busts people for NARCotics
slang in terms of someone who told on you
"Dude,*inhales smoke* did you hear Jonny was a Narc?"
"No way man, I guess i shouldnt have sold those drugs to him"
by JizzleF March 02, 2003
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Nark (n-); (Narq, Narc)
1: A person who will report you to a higher autority for any given reason that he doesn't comply with
2: A person who is on drugs or may be on drugs
3: A section of the police (Narcotics)
1.) Nark: I'm telling on you
Person 1: Yo' dog don't be a narq...
2.) Nark: Hey ma, want some of this crap
Person 1: Dude, your a total Nark
by Kevin N. October 29, 2005
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A nark like Boris is a dick sucking downy-chunker. It is a self-centered hypocrite who doesn't care about anyone else but himself but at the same time sticks their nose in other people business. He enjoys stealing peoples phones and sucking dick. A nark also enjoys shitting his pants
Kid: That kid is such a nark.
Kid 2: Why
Kid: He stole my phone and ran away
Kid 2: What a nark
by Japanese_hate March 06, 2018
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(nark, narking, to nark/be narked)
A very general term usually referring to or meaning: To steal/tattle on/lurk/creep on/fail/vomit/et cetera.
Again, this term is very universal and can be used for or applied to more than just the above.
Person K: Dude, I just totally narked some Sophomores!
Person M: Oh, the usual?

Person K: Daaamn that Stats test was hard!
Person M: Yeah dude, I totally narked it.
Person L: ZOMGZ I TOTZ GOT 110%!
Persons K & M: Stfu.
by mps98 January 29, 2009
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A leet person who can suspend you from AIM.
Dont talk shit, Nark might suspend you!
by Roflcopter22 January 22, 2007
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