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Niggi (Napien)- a newer race of people with different skin colours and structures known as the Lepus. Niggi people were first noticed by humans about 4,000 years ago but scientists have found out much more on the mammal. Niggies evolved from a creature known as the Wuh-Wox, almost like an animal with a horse's body, an elephants feet and a Niggi's head. The Wuh-Wox existed about 4, 000,000 years ago till later on it evolved into a human alike mammal which is known today as the Niggi. Niggies are just like humans, they need clothes, they talk, they need shoes, food, water, shelter, education. Niggies have all human qualities but differ only from joints, a Niggi's joints are one of the most amazing joints in the world allowing Niggies climb trees well, speed & agility. In early history some humans seen Niggies as very beautiful mammals such as the Russians, Italians, Japanese, Egyptians, French, British, Americans, Canadians, Latin, Spanish, Germans while some other cultures put Niggies to great harm. Some humans that disliked Niggies used to use Niggies as a source of food, hair for making clothing and even use niggi skin for shoes & coats! Nowadays in most countries that is against the law because of cannibal reasons, but in some 3rd world countries it is still allowed. Female Niggies don;t have necks but the males do, this is nessessary for Niggies, female niggies can still move the part of thier head to face others communication as well as niggi vision is far the best vision in the world, Niggies can see about 3x better then humans! Niggi senses are very acute, Niggies can hear about 500 feet away from them, they can see about 600 feet or more away, they can touch good, and taste is very acute as well.

The average lifespan of a Niggi is 92, depending on if the Niggi does drugs etc.

Niggies can run up to 39 mph

Boy Niggies can come in many different skin colours, for ex: green, blue, red, orange, black, brown, tan, yellow, etc, some others

Boy Niggies kinda resemble dinosaurs by the wide face and snout.

Girl Niggies are either pink or brown, female Niggies kinda look like ovals with a body, arms, legs and a face. They don't have a visible nose, but have air passages to smell.

- Facts!

There is a Niggi version of every band, singer, actor , and any person in the world!

- Niggies are about 7 x stronger then humans!
- Niggies are the greatest fighters in the world
- ©

Female Niggies don't have necks , they are a big oval with a body, arms, legs, hands, feet and a face. They usually have long hair. They do not have a nose, there is a space between their eyes and lips, which air passes through the skin so they can sense smell. Female Niggies are either pink or brown.

Male Niggies have necks, and very strong necks. They have a wide snout like face, with large nostrils and they look like dinosaurs and lizards because of the snouted face. Male Niggies come in many varies colours including: Blue, red, purple, green, yellow, orange, biege, brown, black, albino and many others. Many pictures can be edited to look like a Niggi, if you see one in real life they will appear like what is stated above. Pictures can change some features to a human's eye, and when they find out info on Niggies they totally disregard the truth. Make sure you know Niggies because some humans can fake them, by making fake pictures and acting nothing like a real Niggi would act.

Niggies are also known as Maladdin
Maladdin means of ''Niggi Decent''

The Niggi hand can reach up to pressure of 400 pounds, full force. That is more then the average human combined.

The adult Niggi can reach up the strength up to 7 body builders all together.

Niggies have been able to brake a dog's neck whenever dog attacks have happened to Niggies.

Niggies are taught to defend themselves, whenever they are physically harmed they will defend and end up causing damage. Whenever humans physically harm Niggies, it can be dangerous since Niggies aren't always aware of their strength so whatever you do, do not try to act tough against a Niggi for no given reason. You will get a reason back that won't be so great!

Niggies are usually pretty harmless, they are not ones to care about things that don't matter to them. They are laid back and not aware of what they don't pay attention to!


There are a total of Seven Billion Niggies in the world. How on earth did they multiply so quickly through out time? Theres enough Humans in the world, but Niggies live in the Niggi world, so they still have plenty of room, they still live on earth but their own dimension. This is the reason why most people can't see Niggies. There is a way they can become visible, unless you enter their dimension you can see them.

People need to catch the right information about Niggies, if all this information isn't enough for you....There is no other way of explaining

All this information is 100 % accurate, nicely written and contains good enough evidence.

If Niggies were made up? How on earth do they have such good definition?

Niggies are not made up, they are just very unknown! Give them a chance and you will love them!!!

Niggies are very nice, open, friendly, funny and understanding. They don't hate people for no reason, they accept people for who they are. They look for all the good, they digg deep to reach the inside. The outside isn't holding the soul, the whole thing is!
Niggi people
by NiggiFan October 16, 2008
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