question towards a female, asking her to state her preffered entry hole. pink = pussy brown = anal
do u take it pink or brown?
by joe bloggs September 21, 2003
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Alternatively occasionally used to describe the colour of the nipples, which tend to be either pink or brown
1: Are yours pink or brown?
2: Pink. I think most peoples are pink
3: Aw no fair, mine are brown
1: haha shit nips
by Ya ya voll November 30, 2007
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During sex (usually doing her doggy style you pull out and continue to fuck her ass.
by <insert> October 2, 2004
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to pink some1 is to shag some1 in the pussy

to brown sum1 is to shag sum1 in the arse
by Dee Jay Tee December 17, 2007
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To rapidly alternate between fucking a girl's asshole and vagina while fucking her from behind.
"Dude I was giving her the pink and brown shuffle and I accidentally stabbed her in the taint"
by Bojangelz May 19, 2012
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The abundance of Latin nannies strolling caucasian babies in affluent neighborhoods.
The pink and brown parade starts at eight a.m. in our neighborhood.
by O'Hara September 9, 2004
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Conjuctivitis of the anus aka pink eye of the anus.
Papa Smurf, can I like your ass?
Nah, bitch, I have anal conjunctivitis.
Anal conjunctivitis?
Yeah, pink brown eye.
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