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1. A Particular shade of red, bright with a slightly faded look.
2. Basically, it's the WASPiest color ever.
Did you get the new J. Crew catalogue? They have these really cute Nantucket Red khakis...
by Miles October 04, 2004
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Faded red color, a cross between red and pink, associated with sailing shirts worn on the island of Nantucket, MA. What happens when you leave a red clothing item lying out in the sun too long. Not just for WASPy millionaires anymore...any Cape Cod-associated subculture can wear it, albeit in slightly "different" ways.
I descended on Cape Cod in a gauzy Nantucket Red and black leopard print top, ready to raise some hell and to flirt with the hot goths.
I left a red T-shirt in the sun too long, and now it's a lovely faded Nantucket Red.
by marla x0 April 20, 2005
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An essential part of the douchebag uniform.* Pair with it what you will - popped collar polo shirts or Dave Matthews Band t-shirts; Smathers & Branson belt or no belt at all; loafers, deck shoes, or flip flops; any baseball cap worn by a person over 17 -- it is the one constant, unifying thread, an unflagging sign of asshattery. Can also be referred to in an homage to a bard whose name is long forgotten as "dick-suck-it reds."

* Note: Like the Jeep Cherokee, it is acceptable for women and adolescents to own nantucket reds; it is only a sign of douchebaggery in adult males. However, even women and children should only wear them after careful consideration.
Hitler: Let's have the Waffen SS wear Nantucket red pants for their uniform! That would look snappy!

Mr Hugo Boss: Mein Fuhrer, while that clearly conveys an asshole vibe, it is hardly intimidating. I recommend sticking with grey, black or olive.

Hitler: Ja, you're right. Can I still use it for the draperies in my bunker?
by el hombre corriendo August 06, 2007
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