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This is a sex move that can only be performed when the female is pregnant. The male must first nibble on the woman's breats, excreting a small amount of milk into his mouth. The man then deposits the milk into the woman's vagina and uses it as lube while he fucks her.
My wife finally let me give her the Nantucket Nibbler last night
by Jewmaster3000 November 19, 2010
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The n.n. is a multi-tasker.mentally paying attention to one
thing,while sexually thinking of another. In any scenario,it may gently,while looking away, start to slowly draw in the object with it's lips just as a sedated goat or elephant may do.
Lightly tugging to see what it may have,but not looking.
The hasty a decision is made, to fornicate,eat,or flee,it's previously mouthed object.

.The mental focus of the nn while performing it's passive pleasure, is as under-studied, as is,
the vastness of our ocean floor.
Sleeping in a van/floor w/other bandmates in the dark scenario:
One morning a you may wake up w/ a massive hole
in your sweaterfrom a nantucket nibbler.
Another morning pants undone,can't figure who chuggged/or slurped-ya one.Natucket Nibbler?
by T.$. November 08, 2011
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