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A nandad is a transgender grandma. Usually in a relationship with another nandad. They also have no relatives/offspring or their children & parents died. They are similar to teens going through an emo phase.
some kid : gee, Ms. Rosemery next door is becoming a nandad!
some other kid : what a nandad?
some kid : check urban dictionary...
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by SpicyAids July 04, 2018
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Definition 1 - Nandad is a hillbilly’s relative that is there Nan and also there brother. It can work in multiple instances. Your Nandad can be someone that is your Mum and your step daughter.

Definition 2 - 90+ year old woman that enjoys swimming whilst wearing a swimming cap.
Once upon a time there was once a Nandad that touched kids on the daily.
by Twiglet September 22, 2017
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