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A girl who has a wonderful charisma. Usually has a very good sense of humor.A girl who will make you laugh all the time. The one you'll never forget. The one that you will miss a lot when she's not around. A girl that will melt in any kind of situation. A easy-going style and very sweet. You will find yourself in-love with her personalities once you talk to her.
Nanda is the one
by fanaticianist July 09, 2010
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A foreigner that comes to america for college, then never leaves their room for the duration of the semester intent on watching anime porn and yelling shut up 30 times a minute at a monitor for hours at a time. Also doesn't believe in monthly hygiene.
Dude 1: So what's your new roommate like?

Dude 2: He's a full fledged Nanda.
by quad dog December 13, 2010
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To eat someone else's food, somewhere other than at home or in a restaurant, esp. in the workplace.
Tommy had lost his lunch money, so shortly before the bell rang, he snuck to the back of the classroom where the students kept their lunch boxes proceeded to nanda a few of the more inviting items.
by httpDOH December 29, 2009
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