People who put their own, their friend's, or their crush's name on urban dictionary for god knows what reason. A typical nameposter has a low 70's IQ, is between the ages of 7 and 14, and thinks they're the best goddamn thing in the world and that everyone just cares SO MUCH about the name they posted to urban dictionary.
nameposter: "OMG I just put my boyfriend's name on urban dictionary! I'm so sweet!
sane individual: "kill yourself." <walks away>
by eatthekidsfirst May 03, 2018
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A type of shitposter where they post their own name about themselves and talk about how they're the best person ever (saying they have large genitalia) or post somebody they hate and give them a bad definition.
Also see Mary Sue
(Nameposter's name) is a sweet tall person who is everyone's friend and has long genitalia.

(Name of person hated by Nameposter) is a stupid annoying person with short genitalia and should be slapped in the face.
by Woundwort March 15, 2017
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