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The act of someone guessing the pronunciation of other's names wrong on a consistent basis. This action happens on a defenseless and unwanted level, giving the victim a feeling of being raped.

No matter how common the name is, the Name Rapist will always completely butcher the attempt at pronouncing a name. The victim may spend large amounts of time pondering how someone could possibly fail so badly.

Victims may be Name Raped multiple times by the same Name Rapist. Name rapists will usually strike again and again until a victim has spoken up about previous incidents.

Sometimes a Name Rape is followed by a quick aside, showing even more ignorance.
The following is an example of a college professor engaging in Name Rape during the first class of the semester:

Prof.-"Deeemon Smith? That's odd.."
Prof."I was gonna say....."

Prof.-"Katey Willshit? *looks around*"

Prof-"Shakira Montorossa?"
Shakara-"Shakaaaar(rolls R)aa Monterosa!"
Prof.-"Sorry Shakira."
by Hayden5757 September 08, 2011
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Name Rape is an Urban Dictionary term that means to take someone's name and trash it or make someone sound awesome.
URBAN DICTIONARY: Aaron: A super hot guy who always tells the truth and get's good grades but is cool.
ME: Urban Dictionary is 75% Name Rape.
by noahtorious b.i.g February 23, 2018
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The general mispronounciation or violation of one's name, be it intentional or otherwise, that results in negative emotions by the affected party toward to offender.
Lovell (whilst reading an attendance sheet) - "See-lig? See-lig?"

Caeleigh (giving Lovell side-eye) - "I think you mean Kay-lee. That was just name rape!"
by ShayStu February 26, 2018
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