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caeleigh is a wild one shes a sexy beast also she doesnt take nothing from nobody she will beat people up with her pinky finger dont mess with a caeleigh shes also great in bed and makes lots of people laugh shes outgoing and very smart everyone wants to be caeleigh shes a sex god but she denys it she is also very loyal if u have a caeleigh never let her go
"OMG IS THAT CAELEIGH she was amazing in bed last night ;)"
"caeleigh is such a sexy beast!!"
"im never letting caeleigh go she is amazing"
by maddy13_xox June 06, 2016
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A gorgeous, smart girl. She loves school and its her first priority. Guys aren't on her mind that often. She loves the beach and hanging with friends.
Woah, look at that Caeleigh.
by steriopoop August 12, 2011
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