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This beautiful spirit is a lover and a fighter. She will go out of her way for the ones she loves, always giving 110% of herself. Nalani is at her best when she feels needed and appreciated. If she dosen't like you you'll know it! Nalani takes the time needed to learn about her loved ones like and dislikes and hates when they cant pronounce her name right.
You can't go wrong with her as your other half weather as a close friend or significant other.
Person one: Did you see the above and beyond way that she prepared for her Valentine's date?
Person two: Yeah it was so Nalani!
Person one: ABSOLUTELY! Only the best will do!
by Only~God~Knows May 07, 2019
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The new We Came As Romans albums is chock full of bonerjams.
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Hot as hell. Normally seen with brown hair, natural highlights, and blue eyes. Can be a really big bitch to people who set her off. Short-tempered and likes a LOT of guys. It takes a long fucking time for her to decide which one she truly likes. Can be known as Kryptonite, and gets annoyed when her substitutes can't say her name right. You don't wanna lose this girl when you get her, she can be very romantic, likes long relationships, and is a FUCKING AMAZING kisser! A Nalani can be really REALLY crazy at times, and really flirtatious. People think of her as really weird and judge her a lot, but she doesn't give a single fuck. Really American.
Person 1: Did you see Nalani the other day?
Person 2: Yeah, she is so fucking sexy!
Person 1: I know!
by Kryptonite <3 January 17, 2014
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A very sweet, hot girl who is a really good kisser. At times, can be really weird and tend to flirt with people. But in the end always with be there, someone you can't get away from.
Man i wish my girlfriend was more Nalani.
by battlebear1o1 December 11, 2010
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The most amazing person you'll ever meet. She's generally a great person, has good grades, and is fun to be around. She may not be sexy or hot like other women, but she makes a wonderful friend and is beautiful in her own way. She is a big fan of art and likes dark humor.
Someone: hey! Who's that girl in the cute hoodie?
Me: oh, that's Nalani. She's lovely!
by uwuowouvu March 27, 2019
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Person 1:Have you seen Nalani recently?
Person 2: yah. She’s such a gay cracker
by Nalani is gay July 11, 2019
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She nice and sexy but people probably think she is gay but she is very straight. And she cares for others
I would love to have Nalani as my girl
by Lady eagle September 09, 2019
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