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A Kind and Loving person . Very Funny and Playful at times . Very Smart and Intelligent and Makes Really good Grades in school. A loyal person who never cheats and Has many friends. A very Beautiful and Gorgeous person , but could be Mean at times when she is pissed off.
Nakiya means that someone is beautiful

Man she is so Nakiya !
by BeatifulDiamond22 January 29, 2018
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She is funny

She irritates people

She A sexy lady

Her smile is spectacular
Nakiya is sexy , if she was got in yo bed you lucky a
by Kiya_54 June 18, 2018
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1. Very intelligent but does not apply herself often (when pertaining to school work). She should though, because she's brilliant. And that side of her certainly deserves to shine!

2. Woman with far too much clothing. (Give some to charity, sweetie)

3. Lives life freely, good to bring to a party, makes you laugh. Makes very funny faces.

4. Foxy Lady!
Pwease, see how she swaggah, she's a nakiya. She's a party girl fo shoo!
by amber valencia January 10, 2009
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