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Someone who is: beautiful, talented, mature, kind, friendly, funny, fun, amazing, gifted, well educated, one of a kind, original, extraordinary, a good friend, a good time, independent, hard working, persistent, stubborn, truthful & helpful!
Person 1: "Oh my God, she's so talented! What's her name?"
Person 2: "Her name is Nailah."
by <3GVM<3 October 01, 2011
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Nailah is a amazingly cute girl that does't know it. So she gives her body away to get men because of this Nailah has turned into a hoe, slut, whore, and thot. Nailah is that girl that loses her virginity at 13. Never trust nailah she is the worst of the worst she is a fucking hoooooeeee ad whoreeeeee she sucks dick for a living she is going to be a prostutute for a living.
that was a good blowjob nailah
by rebaeca May 10, 2018
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